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Inspiration and Innovation
We innovate in the concept of "sleeveless sweater" as an accessory, as tris is a garment which highlights and accompanies your daily look. Argentine wools, such as sheep, llama, guanaco wools among others, are our inspiration when creating María Barberis Accesories.

Said wools, have a fine and natural production process. The spinning is hand-made, as well as the dying of some of them. Colors of certain designs arise from fruits of natural plants, which are native of our country, as the Romasa, from the corn plant, Uvilla, a fruit which gives a yellow color; Chilca, green color; Cochinilla, pink color; and the Molle, a natural green.

Felt, is a non-woven fabric. Non-spun wool fibers, which are hand kneaded with warm water and soap. It is a very fine material. It has many virtues, specially relates to environmental awareness, sustainability and eco-modernity. Its benefits foro our designs and accesories is that felt is soft, warm light, resistant, ecological and waterproof.