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· Wools
· Originals from Argentina: of sheep, of llama, of guanaco, among others.
· Production Process noble and natural, with craft yarn and dying.
· Colours come from natural fruits from plants such us Romasa (corn), Uvilla (gives a yellow), Chilca (one type of green), cochinilla (pinck), Molle (other type of green).

· Felt
· Textile, without yarning, very noble.
· Are wool fibers amassed by hand with soup and warm water.
· Soft, warm, light, resistant, ecological and waterproof.
· Specially linked to an eco conciousness, sustainability and eco modernity.

· Termincal insulator , protectos from cold.
· Flexible, ultra light.
· Functional.

· Light, ductile.
· 100% recyclable.
· Keeps its original colour in time.

  lana guanaco